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Need a domain name?  Try GoDaddy.

Hosting and Domain Services

I developed this page because of the overwhelming amount of information on hosting and domain purchases available on the web. I understand all the terms and conditions and even I have been burned by a bad hosting service. Hopefully this will clear things up.

Each site that is on the internet is hosted somewhere, simply what this means is that they have bought a server in which the files for the website reside, this is called a hosting company.

Each site that is on the internet also has a unique URL or domain that is typed into the browser to point at the hosting files. For example, my domain is www.ealenger.com, you can also purchase other extensions such as .biz, .org., .net, and have them lead to the same website.

In order for your website to work you will need to own a domain and a hosting service.

In order to keep things less complicated E.A. Lenger Designs will purchase your domain and hosting as well as maintain them. I work with the companies below because they provide great service at a great value. If you wish to purchase hosting and domain on your own the prices are below. If you wish for E.A. Lenger Designs to take care of this for you it will be billed to you once a year at a rate of $150.00.


The hosting company that I suggest is dreamhost.com. I have several client sites hosted through this service and have experienced no problems as of yet, they are credible, and have very decent up time (99.9% of the time you site will be functional). Also as a little bonus DreamHost registers your domain name for free for as long as you own your hosting account.

Price - $7.95/month

DreamHost home page - http://www.dreamhost.com


Although DreamHost registers 1 domain for you for free, it is often a good idea to purchase multiple names such as ealenger.com, ealenger.net, or ealenger.biz. This is especially true if you have trademarked the slogan or name you are using for a domain.

I always prefer to buy my domains through a third party site whenever possible simply because it allows you to move the domain to a new hosting provider whenever you want with no hassles. My recommendation for buying multiple domains is GoDaddy.

Price - $8.00 - $9.00/year

World's Largest Registrar - GoDaddy.com

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